The homeowner is adopting a larger remodeling plan

Since the beginning of the pandemic, home improvement work has increased dramatically, but many projects were initially small in scale. This situation is being reversed as homeowners decide to expand their renovation plans beyond the DIY projects that dominated in the early days of the COVID-19 outbreak.

According to the kitchen and bathroom market index for the fourth quarter of 2020 released by the National Kitchen and Bath Association and John Burns, homeowners are increasingly carrying out larger renovation projects, including expansion and rearrangement of floor plans, in order to seek to create dedicated Home office or enhanced house function. Real estate consulting. NKBA predicts that by 2021, sales in the plastic surgery industry will increase by 10.7%.

The increasing demand for large-scale projects has prompted homeowners to abandon DIY work and hire professionals for more powerful renovations.

“We have seen an unparalleled surge in homeowners who want to rearrange the floor plans, demolish complete kitchens, bathrooms and other rooms to make room to increase activities in the house, and generally create more suitable for their changing needs. Space,” Bill Darcy, CEO of NKBA. “The biggest challenge for our industry will be operations, as our members aim to meet the growing needs of homeowners with unparalleled modification needs.”

Indeed, remodeling contractors report a surge in business, but due to shortages and delays caused by high demand for cabinets and equipment, they face the risk of rising material costs and supply chain disruption. The contractor also reported a shortage of skilled workers. According to the NKBA survey, more than 56% of retrofit contractors said that due to increased consumer demand, COVID-19 has exacerbated an already tight labor shortage. Therefore, the homeowner may have to wait longer for professionals to carry out the renovation project.

Although homeowners rely more on professionals in the later reconstruction projects, they still want to keep the project prices low. NKBA reports that demand for low-priced products and finishes remains high.