Improve agency productivity in today’s market

In the past year, the world has changed rapidly around us, and adaptation to various abilities has become one of the biggest priorities. Agents do not have time to put productivity aside, especially in many parts of the United States where the real estate market is booming.

Productivity is measured by the success we have achieved on behalf of our customers, and it is my job to encourage our company’s agents to be in every step of their journey.

In North Texas, the real estate market is booming, which means that all agents need to adjust to maximize their potential. There is no greater achievement than the success of my real estate family.

In 2020, my brokerage business experienced record growth. Last year we grew by 51%, and it did not slow down. However, adding agents is not the only solution that helps us thrive in the real estate market-we also need every agent to be able to increase productivity.

How do you stimulate the productivity of agents? Well, first of all, there is compensation. The agent is essentially inspired by making money, but the agent must go beyond that.

A few months ago, when I started to look forward to 2021, I started brainstorming on how to encourage real estate families to maximize their potential. One of my solutions is to set up a sales club, which is a selective group in which each agent participates in some form. Each sales club meets once a month and includes agents with similar production levels. Although the meeting is virtual, the goal is to create the same friendship as our relatives and friends, while also promoting competition among peers.

The meeting was based on the idea of ​​”iron cutting iron”. If I knew that a competitor did more business than me, worked harder than me, and sold more houses than me, it would be a big fire. And I found that the agents also have this situation. My goal is to spread the fire in every meeting and stimulate the unique motives within each agent.

In these meetings, in addition to competition, we also raised the awareness of the community, because competition is not the only driving force for success. With this in mind, we expanded the incentives and recognized the agents when they reached their goals or milestones.

For example, as part of our company’s annual meeting, we celebrated the success of our agents. In 2020, celebrations are often left behind, and we celebrate and reward more agents than ever before. We recognize experienced agents, new agents and agents with unparalleled brands. Yes, this promotes competition, but rewards also provide additional incentives.

Recognition is very important. Our agents work very hard every year, but in the ever-changing environment brought about by the pandemic, they work very hard. They adapt and work tirelessly, and I want to show them that I recognize this.

Another activity I offer at the beginning of each year is the kick-off party. The purpose of the annual meeting is to announce the top producers of the previous year and celebrate what we can achieve in the coming year. This year’s challenge is how to achieve friendship in the currently basically virtual world. Since our holiday party is going very smoothly, we will hold an opening lunch in a similar virtual format with pre-recorded messages and announcements.

Another important area that motivates our agents is social media. Our digital platform is more than just publishing lists. We celebrate the agent’s anniversary, closing of stores, new listings and other important highlights. Our presence on social media conveys an interesting sense of community in the industry, which helps to bring together our agents who work in different locations.

Although we endorse agents through public channels, one of the most successful means of encouragement is through our private social media groups. I have several different company Facebook groups for my agents to use, and each group offers specific encouragement and competition.

One of our most successful Facebook groups is for “emerging” agents and aims to support people in the real estate industry for the first six months. Everyone in our company is also involved. This group celebrates the victory of each agent, but also serves as a resource for the agents to learn from each other.

As the real estate industry continues to face a rapidly changing environment, I will ensure that we adapt to the way of celebrating, encouraging and motivating agents. This will make them happier and become members of the Rogers Healy and Associates family.