How to become more real in business

After Peter Lorimer became a record producer in the UK, he did not think he was himself when he was engaged in the real estate business in the US.

“I feel like I have entered the morgue. Everyone wears conservative clothes and shows their best performance.” He added.

For a while, he also wore a buttoned shirt and shoes.

“I tried it, but I hate it. I can’t be my real, real self. I need to do real estate myself,” he said.

Therefore, he began to wear shorts and Metallica T-shirt to work.

“That was really the beginning of my career,” said Lorimer, who is now the co-owner and president of the Cochrane Global Life Group in Los Angeles.

Lori tacitly assumes that he will never be afraid of losing customers again. He firmly believes that if he is his true and true self, he will attract more customers. It can be said with certainty that it will work for him. Lorimer now oversees six offices and more than 200 agencies, is a prolific podcaster, and co-hosts the Netflix series “Stay Here”.

Lorimer said that when brokers and brokers are authentic in life, business and marketing, their customers and potential customers can see and feel it.

“I am deeply rooted and never make decisions based on fear. I am not afraid of losing deals, customers or agents,” he explained.

Lorimer said that as a professional, you must be guided by your beliefs, otherwise, you will ultimately be guided by fear.

Reveal how much you are

Tara Holloway, CENTURY 21 Scheetz’s vice president of marketing in central Indiana, says a good rule of thumb is to understand why your customers, contacts, and social media followers are there and tell them Respect. Holloway said: “The followers of your business page want to see your business content.”

She recommends using the 80/20 rule, that is, 80% of the content should be focused on the business, and 20% of the content should be personal. Friends and followers on your personal page may want to see more information about you and your life. Therefore, 80% of the content should focus on your preferences, hobbies, and personal life, while 20% of the content should focus on your business.

There is a way to marry individuals and professionals. For example, if you are passionate about extreme sports, baking French pastries or weaving, then please attribute it to your marketing.

She added that to keep an open mind and be curious about the data and analysis of online participation. It is important to understand the factors that attract people.

Lorimer said: “If you want the ultimate fight or wrestling, you don’t have to worry about someone finding it offensive.”

When he was a new agent, he entered the rave party. He didn’t want to hide his identity and origin. He added: “Playing games in a crowd is a slow and terrifying death.” “If people can’t accept your identity, then you shouldn’t work with them.”

He dropped out of high school when he was 15 and went to work in the music industry in London. One of the biggest lessons he has learned over the years is that when you get along with people around you, you will have trust.

“In the final analysis, we don’t sell houses, we sell trust. When they trust us, they will work with us.”

5 ways to become a reality in your marketing The following are some of the ideas put forward by Holloway and Lorimer to show you the authenticity of real estate.

Show the feeling of working with you. Holloway explained that instead of sharing a story with the obstacle you just overcome, it’s better to post a photo of the house titled “Just sold” and instead share a story about the obstacle you overcome in that transaction. Tell your followers how your experience and expertise can make your sellers achieve positive results.

Don’t let fear guide you. Lorimer said: “Authenticity comes down to being completely suitable for your own skin.” Everyone will have moments of doubt or moments of darkness. But remember, the mistakes you make can help you in future transactions.

Committed to being positive. Lorimer said, as long as you want love and solutions, not from a place of hatred and destruction, say it. If you find a situation you want to criticize, sleep on it first so you have time to think clearly about your reaction.

Use your voice to speak directly to your target audience. Holloway said that by providing valuable content, you can build relationships, thereby building trust relationships, and thereby driving revenue growth. Develop a content strategy directly based on the questions people ask you. Keep a list of every question, you can turn every item on the list into a social post, email, blog post, article, video or podcast.

Use pause. Lorimer does not believe in real estate scripts or conversations. He said: “For me, authenticity means listening to customers or agents in a very sensitive way.” Learning the power of pause becomes an important step. The agent may come to you in some dramatic matters. They need solutions now. Lorimer paused before he could react. Lorimer said: “It gives you a little time to figure out how to serve anyone in front of you.”

Holloway added that to develop a true marketing strategy, we must first establish a solid foundation, that is, “be consistent with your identity, the people you serve, and have a clear understanding of the prospects for business success.”